This 1978 Datsun 280Z Black Pearl Outshines Any Modern Nissan

Sometimes a find on BringATrailer hits a little extra hard. This 1978 Datsun 280Z in its fantastic condition did just that. Sporting a 2.8L inline-six and four-speed manual transmission, the Black Pearl Metallic painted Datsun definitely isn’t as much of a performer as the upcoming Nissan Z. Regardless, what it lacks in modern turbos, it … Read more

300 Cars Worth $1 Million – The Craziest Barn Find Yet

  Salivation alert for all you pickers out there! The guys over at Ammo NYC are flaunting their access to an all-time legendary collection of “Barn-finds.” The 300 exotic cars, seemingly from every make under the sun, stacked several deep and two tall as far as the eye can see! What could possibly be crazier … Read more

The Story Of The First Ever Ferrari – The 125C / 125S

It was 1945, and whispers of a new Italian racing car were being scattered throughout the racing capitals of Italy. Modena, Bologna, and Milan sat in wait for the fruition of rumours of a V12 powered single-seater from the former sporting director of the Alfa Romeo racing team, Enzo Ferrari. This wasn’t just any V12, … Read more

The First Flatbed Work Truck Ever Built is Older Than America – Cugnot Fardier

Karl Friedrich Benz is credited for patenting the first practical, gas-powered automobile in 1885. However, credit for inventing the first self-propelled land-based automobile goes to Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. His machine, the Fardier, was moving under its own power 75 years before Benz was even born. This automobile was steam-powered and designed to haul military supplies. It … Read more