James May Takes A Tour Of TJ Hunt’s Garage

James May took the the internet for a virtual tour of influencer TJ Hunt’s car collection. He opens the video by saying the reasoning was that he recently roasted Hunt’s Ferrari 458, which was “modified.” The two share a beer and coffee over video conference, while TJ gets ready to show James what he’s got! … Read more

Richard Petty is Selling His Dodge Challenger SRT Demon On eBay

NASCAR legend Richard Petty is selling his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon on eBay. Some lucky son-of-a-gun has a chance to buy The King’s Hemi. Petty went out of his way to buy this Demon specifically because it is VIN number #0043, his racing number. Petty has also autographed the dashboard and engine bay. Of … Read more