Watch The Polestar 1 Do Big Quiet Snow Drifts

How many configurations of anti-roll bar did your car go through when it was being tested, huh? Don’t know? Well, then it wasn’t enough to mention in a promotional video, that’s for sure. Unlike the Polestar 1, which can be seen in the below video doing snow testing, and going through many, many anti-roll bars. This bucket … Read more

Watch The Top Gear Test Track Get Reimagined In LEGO

With the recent news that the Top Gear test track is set to be demolished for a housing development, most of us could really use a Top Gear-related pick-me-up right now, and it looks like LEGO has just the thing: an animated combination of Cars (the movie), LEGO, and everybody’s favorite test track.   Of course, it’s still promotional material involving Cars, so … Read more

Jeremy Clarkson – Fact File

It’s Jeremy Clarkson’s birthday today, and since this website is themed around his television shows, there’s only one thing to do: a retrospective on the only man on Earth who’s technically older than James May. Clarkson was born on April 11, 1960, in the Yorkshire mining town of Doncaster. He attended the Hill House School … Read more

Here’s How Tesla Autopilot And GM Super Cruise Stack Up

Tesla has been the reigning king of the semi-autonomous world for a couple years–if not in terms of functionality, certainly in terms of hype. But a recent string of high-profile accidents involving Autopilot has underscored the relative infancy of these technologies, and GM has kept that need for safety firmly in mind when developing their … Read more

Twin-Supercharged Ferrari Drift Car Explodes Immediately

A few years ago, the Ferrari 458 decided it enjoyed doing this thing where it would blow up when it was hot out. More specifically, the glue in the rear wheelarches would catch fire, and that fire would then move about a foot inward to the engine bits, which would trigger a much larger and … Read more

Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 Spotted At Racetrack

A while ago, Elon Musk promised a performance version of the Model 3 that would come in the middle of 2019, or in Musk time, 2025. Nevertheless, they seem to be jumping the gun a little. Electrek dug up a thread on the Tesla Motors Club forums in which a user spotted a Tesla Model … Read more