Richard Hammond Makes First Appearance Since Motorcycle Accident

A few days ago it was reported that Richard Hammond was involved in a second almost deadly accident, this time involving a motorcycle. Thankfully though he has been spotted alive and well giving a talk at Advertising Week Europe 2017. The 47-year-old father of two, (and our favorite “secret American”), seems to be himself as he … Read more

Aston Martin AM-RB-001 Debuts in Canada

A little while ago we reported on a new Hyper-car in the making from a joint effort of Red Bull and Aston Martin. It was also mentioned in the second episode of The Grand Tour as part of their “Conversation Street”. This very light-weight hyper car is known as AM-RB-001, (obviously a still very concepty name), … Read more

The Grand Tour Episode 13: Past v Future Amazon X-Ray Trivia

Greetings and welcome to the season finale of The Grand Tour! (Yeah, I am sad about it too)…On this exciting episode we are in Dubai and on the road all over England. We will see things such as Jeremy’s GTI vs James’ BMW i3. Richard learns how to drift (finally). James goes ‘winching’. Richard finally … Read more