A Ferrari 488 Spider Review by Mr. James May

James May isn’t the first person you would expect to be reviewing one of the top of the line Ferrari’s. After all, his nickname is Captain Slow. You would be remiss,  in thinking that however, as that is exactly who did, in fact, review the Ferrari 488 Spider, and in the classically eloquent James May … Read more

The Stig Takes on The Dodge Viper ACR Around The Top Gear Track

If you’re any kind of a petrolhead than you know that the Dodge Viper has always been a car notorious for being a handful to drive, especially in the hands of someone lacking in experience. In this case, the car couldn’t be in better hands, as the person behind the wheel is none other than the … Read more

Tesla Model S Race Car: The Electric Car You Really Want

If you’ve ever thought that the Tesla Model S P100D was too slow (you’re crazy), you’re in luck because now you can turn it into a spec’d out race car. Designed for the Electric GT championships, the race-spec version of the already insane, dare we say ludicrously fast P100 D has become lighter, faster, and much, much … Read more

Jeremy Clarkson’s Review of The Alpha Romeo Giulia Was Perfect

It’s no secret that The Grand Tour is far more than just a simple car show. There’s been pranks, scripted films, debates, scenery, in general, a lot of content that hasn’t been completely car related. Naturally, this has gotten more than a few hardcore petrolheads to speak up on social media. I’ve noticed a growing number … Read more

Former Top Gear Host Chris Evans Nearly Dies In Barbados

It seems even now Chris Evans simply can’t catch a break. The former Top Gear UK host is reported to have had serious medical issues while on vacation, ironically in the location of this week’s newest The Grand Tour episode, Barbados, over the Christmas holiday. This week Evans told BBC radio listeners that he “nearly … Read more

Behind The Scenes With The Grand Tour and The Royal Navy

The latest episode of The Grand Tour ” Berks To The Future” featured a fantastic onslaught of destruction. Unfortunately for Richard Hammond, all of this destruction was aimed squarely at several iterations of survival vehicles which he lovingly crafted, and which James May and Jeremy Clarkson lovingly destroyed. #TheGrandTour solving the Walking Dead's problem with ease. … Read more

Jeremy Clarkson Talks About New Location Idea for The Grand Tour

In their recent interview on Twitch, the trio was questioned about where they would like to go film that they have never been before (see the question at approximately 19:40). Jeremy and his co-hosts responded to the question with a few obviously ridiculous locations such as the moon and the Mariana Trench before coming up … Read more