Driver Almost Gets Impaled By Barrier During Police Chase

I’m not condoning driving through a railway crossing while the barriers are down and you’re being chased at high speeds by the police, but this is a seriously cool and efficient way of losing a tail in style. The video below shows the moment a driver, running from the police, chooses to put the pedal … Read more

Top 4 Things You Should Check When Buying a Used Car

Having a vehicle is not always a luxury; sometimes it is a necessity. If you have settled on purchasing a used car, finding value for your money is of utmost importance. While you will be spending less money than on a new vehicle, you still want to make sure that the car you buy gives … Read more

Meet The Man Who Moved Countries To Buy His Dream Car

On the recent Sung’s Garage Podcast, Sung Kang and Alex Harrington from Grand Tour Nation talked to Shahar Algazy, a man who owns one of the largest Fast and Furious replica car collections in the world. But how did this come about? Shahar grew up in Israel but felt like the country didn’t allow him … Read more

Happy Birthday James May – The Grand Tour Host turns 58

On this day 58 years ago, a baby was born in Bristol, England. This baby was named James Daniel May. James is one of four children; he has two sisters and a brother. When May was a young boy he attended Caerleon Endowed Junior School in Newport, England. As a teenager, James lived in South Yorkshire where … Read more