Car Spotter Gets Its Opener Right, But It’s Boring

It’s the start of the new television season here in America and we have several new car shows that have recently debuted. One of the latest shows to premiere on the Discovery channel is Car Spotting. Car Spotting follows brothers Carlos and Pedro Becerra and their best friend Niko. Carlos is the young owner of … Read more

Richard Rawlings Has Another Smash Hit Show

Richard Rawlings just seems to have the Midas Touch these days. As the owner of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas Texas, he has proven himself to be one of the premier car restoration builders in America, and with his hit show “Fast n’ Loud” on the History channel setting viewership records, he seems to be … Read more

Motorcyclist Retrieves Forgotten Coffee For Driver

We all get in a rush sometimes, and when you do, you can be forgetful! Back in July, the driver of an SUV forgot that she had left her cup of coffee on the bumper of her car. A friendly motorcyclist decided to be a good Samaritan, grabbed the cup from the bumper and handed … Read more

America’s Roadways Rated 16th In The World!

Back in 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation ranked the world’s roadway systems and found that the U.S. highway system is number 16 in the world, behind Portugal! At the time, the report estimated that America needed to invest $189 billion in road repair, plus another $48 billion to fix nearly 73,000 bridges! That’s $237 … Read more

Top Gear America Closes Out A Mediocre First Season

The revamped 2017 version of Top Gear America closed out its first season last week with a bit of hope for fans of the show. The eight episode season, featuring William Fichtner, Tom “Wookie” Ford, and Antron Brown, was fraught with disappointment for its fans. The first six episodes can best be described as a … Read more

Was Paul McCartney Wrong About Hybrids?

Few of us will intentionally go out of our way to generate greenhouse gases; we may not be willing to sacrifice horsepower for a greener car… but choosing not to sacrifice horsepower to save the polar bears, is far different from intentionally modifying your truck so that it blows out massive amounts of greenhouse gasses … Read more