After a week of no trivia, we are back! EA two part quest across a very very large desert in 3 beach buggys. In just this first part the boys have already been though quite a bit, sand in every part of their bodies, bitter cold, a beat down from the sun and no beer! Let’s go behind the scenes and see what X-Ray Trivia has to tell us about this amazing challenge and episode!

What is General Trivia and where can you find it?

For those of you who watch The Grand Tour on the television, (like myself), Xbox or other means other than computer, (or I’ve heard tablets as well), you may have missed out on Amazon’s “X-Ray.” X-Ray provides General Trivia facts about the cars, track, places, crew and all sorts of things about The Grand Tour and everything involved, so for those that missed it here is X-Ray General Trivia for Episode 7 and 8!

Scene 1: The Intro


The, now, familiar intro. This week we get a treat of not just 1 episode but 2! Though they are a bit shorter @ 45 mins. Still…this is going to be good.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:00

Jeremy Clarkson: Writer, broadcaster, not a hippy.

Scene 2: Intro


A little bit of a different beginning this week. No random cars driving into a random city. No misspelled names. Just straight to the fun.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:04

Richard Hammond: Writer, broadcaster, also not a hippy.

Scene 2: What’s Goin’ to go Down


The boys talk about how they don’t like VW Beetles but do like beach buggys. They are tasked to build their own and meet in Africa.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:09

James May: Writer, broadcaster, probably not a hippy. But could do with a haircut.

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Scene 4: Where Are We Going?


Namibia: Southwest Africa. Desert…lots of desert…and some seals.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:01:21

Namibia was part of the German Empire in the 19th century, then governed by South Africa. It became independent in 1990. Obviously, this has nothing to do with beach buggies.

Scene 4: Buggys!


Here, James introduces us to his buggy build. An original, simple little buggy. Fits him well.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:01:40

The original 1964 beach buggy James refers to is the Meyers Manx, created in California by Bruce Meyers as a more stylish version of the traditional dune buggy, and using a Beetle chassis because the rear-mounted engine gave better traction on sand.

Scene 4: More Buggy-ness


More of them talking about their buggys.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:02:08

James’s beach buggy shell is called a Prowler.

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Scene 4: Some more Buggy…Stuff


Would you believe that Jeremy stuffed a V8 into his buggy? A Land Rover V8 to be exact.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:02:51

Jeremy’s beach buggy is built around a shell design called ‘Sidewinder’.

Scene 4: More Buggy Intros…


Richard has arrived in his “off-roady” beach buggy and straight away accused of it not being a beach buggy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:03:31

Jeremy calls Richard ‘Dicktari’ in reference to 1960s kids’ show Daktari which was about a fictional vet practise in East Africa and in which people wore a lot of khaki clothing.

Scene 4: A Beach…Buggy


James and Jeremy pick on Richard’s buggy saying it isn’t exactly a beach buggy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:04:21

Richard’s ‘beach buggy’ shell is a design called ‘Predator’.

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Scene 4: Let’s Begin


The boys happen upon a very very large ship that ran aground a very long time ago. I’d personally love to see this in person.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:08:53

This is the wreck of the Eduard Bohlen, a German cargo ship which ran aground in 1909.

Scene 4: It’s a Bit Cold


Not really realizing what all their journey would hold one thing was for certain, it was pretty chilly.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:09:31

Haar – a British word for a cold sea fog, here used by salty seadog Cap’n Jeremy Claaaarrrkson.

Scene 5: Clarkson the Navigator


Jeremy has a plan to navigate using the stars in hopes to find a city or town or really anywhere warm to sleep….

General Trivia  Starts at 0:13:04

The constellation Crux, or the Southern Cross, is a star formation always visible in the southern hemisphere and used by sailors for orientation, just as the North Star is used in the northern hemisphere. How Jeremy knows any of this is, frankly, a mystery.

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Scene 6: Cold Dark Night


Despite James and Richards skepticism, they agreed to let Jeremy navigate them through the very dark and cold night. Will it pay off?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:13:52

Patrick Moore – British astronomer and television presenter famed for actually knowing what he was talking about when it came to stars.

Scene 7: Beached…Again


Well…Jeremy’s navigating landed them all the way back to the beach. Needless to say Richard and James weren’t happy at all.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:16:27

Jeremy often says ‘Let’s not get bogged down with…’It’s a tribute to the line, ‘Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who’ from the movie Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

Scene 7: Race Against Time


The have gone the wrong way, again. The tide is coming in alarmingly fast and the trio have to back track very quickly to save their buggys from being sucked out to sea.

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General Trivia  Starts at 0:20:41

British car ultranerds will notice that Jeremy’s beach buggy has the back lights from a Ford Cortina mk 1.

Scene 8: Hungry


After another day away from civilization they were all very cold, wet and hungry. Clarkson has a little trick up his sleeve to catch some food.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:22:50

‘Bear Clarkson’ is a reference to outdoor survival expert and urine drinking enthusiast, Bear Grylls.

Scene 8: The Journey Continues


Now away from the beach, they find themselves surrounded by a beautiful desert with very very large sand dunes.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:26:05

The Namib Desert is over 1200 miles long and covers an area of over 31,000 square miles. Funnily enough, ‘Namib’ means ‘vast place’.

Scene 8: James’ Plain ‘Ol Buggy


Jeremy and Richard seem to have well enough equipped buggys to handle all the ups and downs in this sandy place. James on the other hand, may have built a little too plain of a buggy.

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General Trivia  Starts at 0:26:59

Jeremy’s beach buggy has a 3.5-litre Rover V8 making 180 horsepower. Richard’s beach buggy has a 1.9-litre VW flat four making 110 horsepower. James’s beach buggy has a 1.8 litre VW flat four making 94 horsepower.

Scene 9: Still Searching


With Jeremy’s throttle stuck open and therefore leaving him behind to figure a way to fix it, James isn’t much for entertaining…or being a happy person at all.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:36:00

Heliostat – a mirror that can turn to follow the path of the sun across the sky and reflects its rays. They’re often used at concentrated solar power plants.

Scene 10: A Drink at Last!


Long story short, they found a road and followed it until they came to a city! Jeremy’s buggy broke down on the way, Richard and James couldn’t care less and left him behind. Finally, a beer!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:41:46

Movie nerds might spot a slight Ice Cold in Alex reference in the bar scene with Richard and James.

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Now on to Part 2 of the Namibia Special.

Scene 11: Jeremy is Alive!


Jeremy finally made it in to where James and Hammond are. Jeremy may have broken his glasses during his long night fixing his buggy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:02:29

Since all three hosts both struggle to read without spectacles and are quite clumsy/forgetful, reading glasses are now the biggest drain on The Grand Tour budget.

Scene 12: Shopping


Richard is in heaven, a camping store heaven! The boys have had enough of desert floor sleeping so they gear up for the longest leg of their journey.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:03:58

Jeremy is correct when he notes that Richard Hammond’s idea of the perfect holiday is camping in the British Lake District. It’s very damp there.

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Scene 13: Still Shopping


So, of course Richard goes for all things that give the “true camping” feeling and James and Jeremy go for more of a….luxurious camping…”glamping” perhaps?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:04:12

‘Richard Baden-Hammond’ – a reference to Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the British Boys Scouts movement and therefore, we must presume, someone who enjoyed a good tent.

Scene 14: On the Road, Again


Not only have they bought great camping supplies but they also fixed and modded their buggys a bit so they can hopfully avoid the issues they’ve been having.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:05:45

Gearhead intel alert: Modifications to the Rover V8 in Jeremy’s beach buggy include an Edelbrock carburettor and manifold, hotter cams, a higher compression ratio, a high performance distributor, shortened pulleys, and a custom-made exhaust.

Scene 15: Richard Loves His Buggy


The only thing Richard really needed to do was take off a bit of weight from his little off-roader buggy to increase performance. Check.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:06:02

More gearhead info: The VW Beetle flat four engine in Richard’s beach buggy has been stroked to 1915cc, then fitted with twin 40 DRLA carbs, Engle 120 cams, big valve heads and electric ignition.

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Scene 16: Race Time


Hammond says his buggy is faster but Clarkson thinks his is, so they have a race. Well not really, but, they tried. Also, James vacuums his buggy out…go figure eh?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:07:13

It’s much less relevant but, if you’re interested, that flat four Beetle engine in James’s beach buggy has been stroked to 1776cc and fitted with twin 44 IDF Weber carbs, Engle 110 cams, big valve heads and electronic ignition.

Scene 17: Back to it


Jeremy broke his mighty V8 buggy, again, so that killed off any plans to see who’s is faster. They did manage to fix it and once again hit the road.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:08:53

James Dyson – British dust magnate, famed for his vacuum cleaner range.

Scene 18: Save the Rhinos!


Here we learn some pretty alarming information about Rhinos. They come up with a plan to try and save them by taking out the poachers. Sign me up!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:13:40

Over the years there have been many studies into rhino horn which have found it to have no medicinal properties. The horn is formed from keratin, the same stuff as makes hair, finger nails and animal hooves. So really, you’d get the same effect from biting your nails.

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Scene 19: Higher Viewpoint


Their hunt for poachers is about to take Richard and Jeremy to new ‘heights’….hah….It doesn’t work out well so they send up their hired butler instead to see if he can spot poachers.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:15:42

James May does not take part in the parasailing plan since he has a long standing dislike of heights.

Scene 20: Giovanni Hates Heights


Here their hired butler, Giovanni, takes to the skies to see if he can spot any poachers around. Not much is said from him but screams. (Genuine screams)

General Trivia  Starts at 0:16:12

Giovanni’s screams as he parasails were very real indeed since he turned out to have a massive fear of heights but was too polite to mention it before take off.

Scene 21: Richard Takes Flight


During their night hunt for poachers, Jeremy “accidentally” shot Richard with a tranquilizer dart. So being the nice man Clarkson is and not wanting to leave Richard behind the next day, he comes up with an way to keep Richard up with the group.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:19:08

Richard Hammond likes helicopters. He has licence to fly them. He just doesn’t like dangling underneath them.

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Scene 22: James Breaks Down


The roads were very very bumpy and start to really wreck havoc on James’ buggy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:22:38

Having a beach buggy electric problem did nothing for James May’s inherent mistrust of electricity. He says he doesn’t ‘really believe in it’.

Scene 23: Power!


In order to combat the bumps in the road, Jeremy decides it’s best to put the foot down and go like hell. But now he only gets about 30 miles to the tank before he needs petrol.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:23:29

‘Oh my giddy aunt’ – old British exclamation relating to an imaginary and crazy relative, typically deployed in moments of duress such as when about to fry yourself with petrol in the middle of Namibia.

Scene 24: James’ Road


After being beat down from the bumps, James convinces the others to try a new road he found. It…well it wasn’t much better.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:26:34

Spiffing – Excellent, tremendous, tip top. Another old British word, once popular with posh people, used here with another old British favourite, sarcasm.

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Scene 25: It Gets Worse


So James’ road has gone from not good to even worse….Jeremy isn’t a happy man.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:27:25

‘Every bone in his crotch, that’s what I’m going to break’ – a knowing homage to a line in the 1974 movie Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.

Scene 26: Falling Apart


Back on the original road, things continue to fall off and shake apart. They are close. Will they make it?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:42:13

The Rover V8 in Jeremy’s beach buggy was originally designed by Buick in Detroit then sold to the British company who made design changes so it was suitable for conditions in the UK. But not, sadly, in Namibia.

Scene 27: Almost There


After stopping for the night the boys wake up to find that they are in an extremely gorgeous location. Waterfalls, trees, pure desert beauty. They are so very close now.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:46:34

Namibia used to part of the German Empire and , strangely enough, ‘waterfall’ is one of the few German words James May knows. What a coincidence. Also, of no use whatsoever.

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Scene 28: A Beach!


They have spotted the beach! Well…a beach. Good enough to call the finish line. But how are they going to get to it? Jeremy has an idea.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:49:51

Jeremy Clarkson actually has TWO engineering degrees. Although they’re honorary degrees and didn’t require any study of engineering whatsoever.

Scene 29: Finish!


They made it! Everyone except Richard that is. Damn lift just happen to give out on him right before he landed. Might have to do something with all the weight Jeremy added secretly to his buggy….maybe.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:57:39

James was so in love with his beach buggy, and clearly so drunk on the beach at the end, that he decided to have it shipped back to the UK, fully rebuilt, and delivered to his garage so he can zoom about in it during the summer.

There we have it! The finish to an incredible journey. 1000 miles over some extremely rough terrain, harsh cold nights (at first) and much much more. I personally feel like this is the trio we have been waiting for! This felt like home. Welcome back boys!

Want to test what you’ve learned? Well we have a quiz for ya below! Good luck!

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