The Grand Tour team has ended up in Batumi, Georgia for the filming of Season 3 with three very serious Gran Tourers to play with.

While we can’t see who’s driving, the three cars are as follows: The new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, the updated Bentley Continental GT, and the gorgeous looking BMW M8.

If we had to take a guess though, we’d have to go with Jeremy in the Aston, James in the Bentley (as usual) and Richard in the BMW. Although they may want to mix it up for this one, especially as this would be very similar to their Italy Grand Tour lineup from Season 1.

Let’s get in the mood with some outtakes from the first proper Grand Tour the boys undertook.

And of course some behind the scenes for you guys!

2 Responses

  1. enekopoloarsuaga

    hi! just a correction. The car Hammond drives is probably not the M8 but a M850i. The M8 is not revealed yet.

  2. Jake

    Nice post but recent footage has shown Richard in the Bentley and James in the 8 Series