Greetings and welcome to the season finale of The Grand Tour! (Yeah, I am sad about it too)…On this exciting episode we are in Dubai and on the road all over England. We will see things such as Jeremy’s GTI vs James’ BMW i3. Richard learns how to drift (finally). James goes ‘winching’. Richard finally gets to race the 918 Spyder against a Veyron (and a tan-ish SUV) and so much more! So stay tuned in and read along on here for what Amazon’s X-Ray has to teach us this week.

What is General Trivia and where can you find it?

For those of you who watch The Grand Tour on the television, (like myself), Xbox or other means other than computer, (or I’ve heard tablets as well), you may have missed out on Amazon’s “X-Ray.” X-Ray provides General Trivia facts about the cars, track, places, crew and all sorts of things about The Grand Tour and everything involved, so for those that missed it here is X-Ray General Trivia for Episode 12!

Scene 1: Intro

Welcome to the finale for season 1 of The Grand Tour! Let’s get started!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:00

Jeremy Clarkson: Writer, broadcaster, gas.

Scene 2:  Intro

Looks like this week it is ‘Jerome E Clarkson’ who gets the name change for the intro. Welcome Jerome and boys.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:04

Richard Hammond: Writer, broadcaster, hybrid.

Scene 2: Intro

This week we are treated to 3 extremely beautiful and very rare cars. A Lamborghini Veneno, a Lykan Hypersport and a McLaren P1 GTR. Mmmmmmmmm Hypercars.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:09

James May: Writer, broadcaster, electric torque

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Scene 3: Welcome to Dubai

This week we come to you in the handsome desert city of Dubai! Where the rich are rich and..well…it’s a very fancy place.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:01:40

Jeremy’s opening monologue in the show was carefully backtimed to take place just as the Dubai fountains went off.

Scene 3: Dubai Has Awesome Vehicles….

The boys go over just how amazing some of the vehicles you will see if you are in Dubai. Their police vehicles…wow just wow.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:03:07

The amazing gullwing ‘bus’ in the opening monologue was invented by a man called Wubbo Ockels. He was the first Dutchman ever to go into space, thereby making him Holland’s highest man.

Scene 4: An Argument

Jeremy and James have an argument about whether or not electric cars ‘work’ right now. Jeremy thinks not, James thinks so. So they are put to the test.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:04:57

When James says Jeremy’s VW Golf seats are made from ‘Jackie Stewart’s trousers’ he’s referring to the seat fabric, which is very tartan. As most of the clothes worn by multiple F1 champion and none-more-Scottish person Sir Jackie Stewart.

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Scene 5: Jeremy’s GTI


General Trivia  Starts at 0:05:21

Jeremy’s Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Pack has a 2-litre turbucharged four cylinder engine making 227 horsepower. It can go from 0-62 in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 155mph.

Scene 5: James’ BMW

General Trivia  Starts at 0:05:31

James’s BMW i3 REx has a hybrid synchronous electric motor making 167 horsepower (and a 650cc, 34 horsepower, two cylinder petrol engine to charge the batteries). It can go from 0-62 in 7.9 seconds and has a top speed of 93mph.

Scene 5: The Trip begins 

To decide what is better, Jeremy’s petrol powered car or James’ electric car, they set off for a drive around London.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:06:03

Jeremy swears that he didn’t want a red Golf. But does admit that yes, he thought he was buying a three door GTI until he realised he’d got the order wrong.

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Scene 5: James Requests a Race

James believes he can beat Jeremy in a drag race….so they have a race….and James loses.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:08:04

The ‘London airport’ used for the Golf v i3 drag race is actually Wycombe Air Park, described by its own website as ‘more than just a place where aircraft land and take off’.

Scene 5: Free Electricity Fuel…

General Trivia  Starts at 0:13:21

Iniquitous – Unfair, unjust, morally wrong. A word used by Jeremy Clarkson upon discovering that James May is getting free electrical petrol.

Scene 5: Let the Trip Continue 

Fed up with waiting for James’ car to recharge, Jeremy fills up ‘the old fashion way’ and hits the road without James.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:13:38

American viewers may be amused to notice that British fuel pumps don’t latch on, forcing motorists to stand in the cold and wet until all the petrol has gone into the car.

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Scene 5: Jeremy Takes the ‘GTI’ Road

Not really wanting to stick to highways, Jeremy takes the less direct route so that he can drive on more ‘GTI’ type roads.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:18:03

Jeremy’s sporty GTI driving takes place on Dartmoor, the setting for the Sherlock Holmes book, The Hound Of The Baskervilles, and the Quidditch World Cup Final in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire. There is also a mythical Beast of Dartmoor which might be some kind of lion, or maybe just a very massive cat.

Scene 5: James Does Maths

James has to do some maths because of his exuberant driving in his electric car of the future.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:19:21

Electric car purists believe ordering the range extender version of the BMW i3 with the back-up petrol engine is cheating and call the front-mounted fuel filler cover the ‘flap of shame’.

Scene 5: Wilko Johnson

Jeremy made it to their destination and was in for a treat. Wilko Johnson was guest starring on stage that night!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:20:31

Wilko Johnson – Guitarist and singer mmost famous as part of 1970s Godfather of punk, Dr Feelgood. He also played an executioner in Game Of Thrones.

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Scene 6: Conversation Street

On this weeks episode of Conversation Street: Silly laws that can get you thrown into jail, silly things that SHOULD get you thrown into jail, Jeremy’s hatred of how hot planes are inside, a British street that looks like it may be a round-about….but it isn’t, a crazy fast metro in Dubai and much more interesting fun things.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:25:45

Heston Blumenthal – British chef famed for combining unusual tastes, textures and methods. Ideal for someone who likes roast wasps and pencil sharpenings served on a record player.

Scene 7: James Goes ‘Winching’

A little segment called ‘Making James May Do Things He Doesn’t Want To Do’. Last time James went to a ‘donut-ing event’ and this time hes at a thing called ‘winching’. It’s muddy and cold and not fun, for James that is.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:29:35

The home of James’s filthy misery is called Muddy Bottom. No, really. It’s in Hampshire.

Scene 7: Winching

James is having such a fun time doing this ‘winching’ thing…look at that smile.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:31:32

Seamus’s winching machine is home made, based around a Mitsubishi chassis.

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Scene 7: James Falls

As we saw during this film, James doesn’t do so well at standing on slippery surfaces. But they did finish..kinda.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:32:09

As demonstrated in the winching film, James May is very bad on slippery surfaces.

Scene 8: Celebrity Braincrash!

On this weeks episode of Celbrity Braincrash. F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo! But like every week, he doesn’t make, cause he dies.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:36:30

Ricciardo – a type of fine red mist found all over Dubai.

Scene 9: The Veyron

After the Porsche won “The Holy Trinity” against the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1, Richard wanted to put it up against a Bugatti Veyron…well here’s his chance. Will the mighty Porsche win?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:38:23

The Bugatti Veyron has an 8-litre quad turbo W16 engine making 1000 horsepower. It can go from 0-62 in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 253mph.

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Scene 9: The 918

As the race is getting ready, we get to drool over beautiful shots of the Porsche and Bugatti. Mmmmmmmm. P.S. The Porsche wins

General Trivia  Starts at 0:38:28

The Porsche 918 Spyder has a 4.6-litre V8 + two electric motors making a total of 887 horsepower. It can go from 0-62 in 2.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 215 mph.

Scene 10: The Porsche Gets Whooped

After the Porsche 918 beats the Bugatti, some guy wants to race the 918 in his Nissan. He wins.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:41:50

It turns out that the beige SUV in the 918 racing film has a highly modified Nissan GT-R engine and drivetrain.

Scene 10: Richard Learns to Drift

Richard finally went off and learned how to properly drift a car here at Michelin’s secret test facility.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:43:02

Michelin’s top secret test track is located at Centre de Technologie de Ladoux, Rue Orange, 63118, Cébazat, France. But don’t tell anyone.

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Scene 10: Richard’s Lessons Continue

Richard continues his lessons and is having an absolute blast. (Notice the Porsche RS seat in a BMW?)

General Trivia  Starts at 0:45:32

Keen eyed geeks will notice that the BMW M4 in the drifting film appears to have the driver’s seat from a Porsche. This is because test driver Jerome needs minimal padding and tight bolstering to make him feel as connected as possible to the car so he can analyze tiny differences between tyres.

Scene 11: Richard’s Drift Competition

Richard believes he is a ‘”driving God”, so James and Jeremy set up a competition to find out if he is. (He loses and is not…sorry Hamster).

General Trivia  Starts at 0:50:25

The 6.2-litre V8 in the Nissan drift car is a GM LS2, like in a Corvette.

Scene 12: Jeremy Has a Drifting Friend

Although it turns out that Richard isn’t a driving God, Jeremy is very happy to have a drifting friend to play with now.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:059:12

The playmates drifting montage depicts scenes from the grand tour of Italy (show 3) and the hypercar showdown (show 1).

Scene 12: Not All Drifts Work Out

After showing off to us all of Jeremy’s and Richard’s awesome drifting fun, James wants to show us how many times they failed trying to show off.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:59:56

The montage of drifting uselessness depicts scenes from the Abarth 124 test (show 10), Porsche 911 GTs v BMW M4 (show 4), Ford Mustang v Ford Focus RS (show 6), and the Lexus GS F test (show 11).

Well folks there you have it. The end of season 1 of The Grand Tour! It has been one helluva past many weeks and we hope you have enjoyed the show as much as we have. As far as this episode goes, with all the many things covered this past hour, we learned a lot, were entertained a lot and sure did enjoy seeing that Porsche take on a Bugatti!  Until nest season, stay tuned here at Grand Tour Nation for any updates on the upcoming season, news about the boys and The Grand Tour and all things automotive! Ciao!

Test your knowledge with our quiz on episode 13!

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