You couldn’t make up news better than this. Traffic came to a stop in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam after a truck carrying pieces of the giant Jeremy Clarkson statue fell off the back. Chaos, as one would presume with anything related to Clarkson, promptly ensued.

According to a report by the Daily Express, a piece of the statue (Jeremy’s left hand) fell off the truck and was blocking the middle of the road. Accord to various reports, the drivers attempted to cover up the incident with something else they had handy…namely a portion from the “crotchal” region.

Giant Jeremy, Richard, and James Statue Heads Spotted
Photo courtesy of Digital Spy

Photo courtesy of Digital Spy

As expected with anything these days, bystanders did not waste anytime taking to social media to voice their thoughts:

For those that haven’t been keeping up, the statue mishap is part of what appears to be a worldwide initiative to place giant statues of the three hosts in cities across the world. The statues were first spotted in the Seattle area, then again in Sydney. Once fully assembled, it is rumored that the statues will stand around 80 feet high.

If anyone else sees any mysterious new statues appearing their cities, let us know!