One of the biggest gripes about the old Top Gear was the Celebrities in a Reasonably Priced Car segment where a lot of fans wondered out loud why the world’s number one show couldn’t pull more A-list celebrities.

Well, with Mr. Jeremy Clarkson’s newfound wealth, global fame and unique charm, it looks like Jezza has a list of A-list celebrities coming on board for The Grand Tour, starting with superstars Charlize Theron and Matt Damon.

“All the early signs suggest The Grand Tour will have a much bigger pulling power than Top Gear. Matt and Charlize are just two of the names involved. More big stars will follow.” – Source tells the Telegraph

Theron makes perfect sense as she is originally from South Africa and the show filmed for the first time in Johannesburg. Who can forget her amazing role in the Italian Job where she was a portrayed as a high speed, safe cracking, daughter of a master thief hottie.

Now let’s put her in a reasonably priced car, or whatever the BBC is going to allow the boys to call it and see how well she runs around the track.

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As for Damon, the best driving scene I can remember him from has to be from Bourne Identity’s chase scene in Paris.

It’s definitely going to be interesting what other celebrities the show will be able to pull. It’s all going to depend on how popular the show is going to be.

Which celebrity do you want to come on the show?

6 Responses

  1. Teh Moose

    None. No stars. Just the three amigos. I *hate* the Celebrity segments and always fast forwarded through them.

  2. Mike C

    Not that I disagree but you called Donald Sutherland a hottie.

  3. JoHunter

    Continue with Henry Cavill. He was supposed to be the next SIARPC before the whole love tap controversy happened.

    Then Vin Diesel.

    • JoHunter

      Bruce Willis already appeared in Top Gear, but he didn’t say a word.