Jeremy Clarkson's new quiz show includes a surprising new twist that allows the contestant to 'Ask The Host'. yes, that's right. A new lifeline has allowed contestants of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to ask Clarkson his opinion on a question. 

It adds an incredible twist and allows Clarkson to be much more involved, but this poses to be an issue if you are the big man himself. This means Clarkson hasn't just got the pressure of being a good host, but he has the added pressure of being partly responsible for what prize money the contestants take home. 

"Yes," you say, "but Clarkson is a bright man and will surely know the majority of what they're asked." 

Apparently not, as you'll see in the clip below. 

"The only thing I know less about in the world than golf, is art," he admits when asked the question:

In René Magritte's portrait 'The Son of Man', the subject wears what type of hat?' with the possible answers being 'A: Bobble', 'B: Beret', 'C: Bowler' and 'D: Boater'.

Unfortunately, he was incorrect in his answer, and without choosing her final lifeline of phoning a friend, she gambled and chose 'Beret'. She went home with only £1,000, and unsurprisingly Clarkson felt partly responsible.

"That's sort of my fault, isn't it? The answer's bowler, which is the one I said, the one with the apple.
"I have just cost you seven grand. There's a horrible, horrible, cold atmosphere. I am so sorry Sarah, I really am."

Obviously this wasn't Clarkson's fault, but it must be difficult to cope under the pressure of what could be a devastating turnout for the contestant.