With the third season of The Grand Tour coming to a heartfelt end, we wave goodbye to both the iconic tent and the Eboladrome. And yes, while some may not be too disappointed about this revelation, especially after the controversy that the Eboladrome caused, there’s one accompanying change that we’re sure you wont be happy about.

Abbie Eaton, the show’s test driver who quickly built up a large following of her own, may not be returning for the fourth season. Reason being, without the Eboladrome, there’s no need for a professional racing driver to push the cars to their limits. Abbie said this on Twitter…

It’s fair to say that she doesn’t know herself whether she’ll be returning to burn more rubber or not. However, there is hope. During Season 3 she was involved in two non-track segments. She appeared first in a Porsche 911, where she raced against Jeremy who was driving a Lamborghini Urus, in Sweden. Her second appearance took her to the far reaches of Georgia and Azerbaijan where she raced against the trio in a clapped out banger (and still won).

We don’t know what’s going to happen during Season 4, but we hope Abbie returns to join the trio in their adventures. If you feel the same, make sure you tell us below.

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38 Responses

  1. James

    I love that there is a professional female driver on the show. Not only doesn’t she provide some balance for the show but she is an inspiration for young girls in a male dominated sport.

  2. Ian Patterson

    Seems very down to earth, i think they should keep her, a fourth presenter maybe?

  3. Thomas McEwen

    I think it would be good to keep her as a counterpoint to the opinions of the old carts. For that matter, occasionally introducing younger hosts in gradually expanding guest roles would in effect be training their replacements, and allowing the brand to continue in an organic matter, instead of the hard transitions we’ve had to endure on Top Gear

  4. Brian Bourne

    While I absolutely love the three goons, I think including Abbey as a regular addition to the team could bring some fresh life to the team interactions. She’s a great driver and personality. I say give her some proper speaking roles where we can hear her opinions too and let her keep showing up the guys. It will be great!

  5. Taylor Smith

    Abbie gets dangerously close to filling the stig shaped hole in my heart. Keep her.

  6. John Alabama

    I hope Abbie is retained. I think she is cool and she rounds out the team. My wife loves the show and likes commentary like “the half shafts are made of chocolate” by Mr. Clarkson. My wife also thinks it is smart to have a female professional racer to temper Mr. Clarkson’s, (pardon) ape-ishness. I think you should keep her in an uncredited role dressed in an all white racing suit.

  7. Bryan

    She drove well. I think giving her some more identity would help. Airport race first time she shows possible quirky personality. Keep.

    • FL

      You need her young energy and ruthlessness behind the wheel to counter the comedy and stoggy ways of the three knuckle heads.
      No matter what we want to know how fast something goes around the Eboladrome.

  8. Greg

    If you want to follow Abbie’s driving/racing career, she’s now a regular seat in the Dunlop Super2s in Australia, driving in the V8s Supercars Championship…

  9. john

    If they get rid of Ebola drone – then add her to the team. She has good chemistry and it was a hoot when she beat the guys driving a beater and they had 500+ BHP.

  10. Gaz

    Keep abbie she was funny in the sweden one and quick on the gorgia episode give her a bigger part

  11. jeffrey

    I would love to see Abbie in season 4. She seems like a great fit.

  12. Tom

    Will you please stop referring to everything said or done on Grand Tour as a controversy? Just because one person somewhere was offended, doesn’t make it controversial. I’m sick of everyone being offended by everything. We all love the show for the dry and dark humor.

  13. Jim

    There is no doubt in my mind she would make a great addition if she were given a larger part in the show. I would have liked to hear her opinions after each lap of the Eboladrome!

  14. Robin

    I would love to see her in more segments! Keep Abbie for Season 4!

  15. Chris

    Please keep Abbie. She brings some spice to the team

  16. David B

    I Thought the show with the ‘regular car vs sports car race’ in S3 was great. Find a role for her as an occasional #4 to the trio. It’s nice to shake things up from time to time. I think the boys enjoy having here look in on them from time to time.

  17. Carina

    I really want Abbie to stay. She is amazing, and I would love to see her in Season 4 (and beyond). She was a phenomenal driver, and a great sport. Absolutely loved her.

  18. Jeffrey

    They stook away the stig please not Abbie now taking away her now feels like they slowly killing The Grand Tour

  19. Roger

    I hope she stays. would be nice for cross state races or another segment like in season 3.

  20. Mark Busby

    Definitely keep her , she’s a hell of a driver.

  21. Gavin Perkins

    Definitely keep Abbie!!! She doesn’t need a tent to excel just a race track. I’m sure she could be apart of the adventures with the boys wherever they go 👌

  22. Tony W King

    I love abbie, I just wish she had more screen time

  23. David Stacey

    She would become a very good forth member of the team!!!!

  24. Elijah

    Abbie has to stay… unless she gets a full time gig driving in Australia, then I’ll let this slide 😉 Goodluck AE!

  25. Gordon Dewey

    I cried even more than Jeremy did, as he shared that there will be no more Grand Tour as we know it. Been watching faithfully this last 17 years…very sad.

  26. Ken Gerace

    Keep Abby….find or build another track or keep the Eboladrome. Work her into additional bigger parts as well in some more of the antics with speaking parts. Don’t know what that does with the hosts of the show. I don’t know if the nonspeaking although identity revealed is reminiscent of the Stig but we’re beyond that. I like the show as it is. Don’t screw with it too much.

    • Neil MacDonald

      Come on GT Nation. She’s a brilliant driver and should be incorporated into the show in some manner. To good to lose!!!!

  27. Antony Carl Gibbett

    Keep Abbie. Give her a bigger role,,,plus if shes the same blood group as the other 3 it could come in handy. Especially Hammond

  28. Brian

    I hope she does. I for one will miss the live shows.