With all the previous talk about how Tesla will never make their targeted start date for the production of the Model 3, it comes as quite a shock when Elon Musk announced that not only are they on schedule, but the Model 3 production seems to be well ahead of schedule.

According to a tweet, the first Model 3 should be completed by Friday:

Well, color me surprised.

In addition to the start date for production, the first 30 people who had pre-ordered a Model 3 will be invited to an exclusive “handover party:”

One of the biggest criticisms of Musk’s Model 3 plans has been the targeted number of 500,000 units sold per year, but another tweet reveals that Tesla just may reach those lofty numbers:

With the Model 3 priced as the “everyman” alternative to the luxury-priced Models S and X, Tesla is looking to make a huge dent in the EV market with an “affordable” Tesla car (though “affordable” can be argued since $35,000 is still not necessarily a cheap car).

With the competition heating up (Chevy Bolt, BMW electric 3 series, Audi EV, Polestar EV), Tesla can stand gain much by being the first to offer a mass market EV with decent range (215 miles for the Model 3).

400,000 people have put in pre-orders for the Model 3 (myself included), so the question of where we are on the waiting list is still up in the air. Regardless, Musk made good on his promise of a July start date for the production of the Model 3, so at this point, it’s simply a countdown!