The Mazda Rx-8 Swaps A Rotary For A Diesel

I’m at a loss. Usually when someone swaps a different engine into a car, it’s because they want to improve it. I’m not sure whether a Cummins diesel in a rotary Mazda does that, but it’s certainly…audacious.

Bodge Rides Garage of Ireland are the ones behind this ridiculous swap, and have named it the RX-Hate in honor of the fact that every rotary purist in the land is currently vomiting into their triangular trash cans. According to the builders, the diesel straight-six not only makes about 80 more horsepower than a stock RX-8, but also “no shortage of torque.” Given the original motor’s output in 1980-whatever was around 350 lb-ft, it’s got at least 200 lb-ft more than a stock RX-8. Perhaps the weirdest thing is that technically, this is a coal-rolling Mazda.

Of course, no engine swap with this much output gain is complete without a video of some smoking tires, and Bodge Rides was happy to oblige. For some pure drifty goodness, skip to around 25:00.

While I admire all the work this car obviously took to build, I still don’t know if I would want to be seen driving it. At least it’s not street legal.

Written by Sam Person

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