After the awful ordeal Richard Hammond went through, he is now back at The Grand Tour HQ with James and Jeremy. Well, maybe just James.

Armed with a repaired fractured knee and crutches, he was seen stumbling his way over to James May who was jeering him on but ultimately giving him a helping hand into their offices.

He has lately posted to DriveTribe that he’s not able to run for at least a year and a half. Biking however, seems within reach, so was asking for tips on how to go about riding two wheels without looking like a sausage protruding from tight Lycra.

He looks in good health here, though, and as usual has a smile on his face!

We’re very glad you’re back Richard, and will look forward to your return to the big screen in October! Stay safe please!

Please, all give him a warm welcome by contacting him on his Twitter or on his tribe which I’m sure you’re already a part of!

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