Greetings and welcome back for episode 10! On this weeks exciting episode we are back in the good ‘ol USofA! To kick things off we have an amazing Alfa Romeo followed by attempts at making a coral reef, great Conversation Street, an exciting game of Celebrity Braincrash and more coral reef creating attempts! Curious as to what Amazon’s X-Ray has to teach us this week? Let’s go and find out!

What is General Trivia and where can you find it?

For those of you who watch The Grand Tour on the television, (like myself), Xbox or other means other than computer, (or I’ve heard tablets as well), you may have missed out on Amazon’s “X-Ray.” X-Ray provides General Trivia facts about the cars, track, places, crew and all sorts of things about The Grand Tour and everything involved, so for those that missed it here is X-Ray General Trivia for Episode 10!

Scene 1: Intro

Much excitement to be had this week. *Warning, all three are in shorts this episode, sunglasses are suggested*

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:00

Jeremy Clarkson: Writer, broadcaster, Trans Am.

Scene 2: Intro

This week we are in Nashville (studio audience) and “on the road” in Barbados.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:04

James May: Writer, broadcaster, luxury coupe.

Scene 2: Intro

Back to more misspelling of names! This week…Jeremy “Claxon” (haha)

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:09

Richard Hammond: Writer, broadcaster, pick up truck.

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Scene 3: Welcome Back to the USofA!

Welcome to Nashville! A City named after General Nash (who kicked the British out) -Jeremy…..Que crowd cheering

General Trivia  Starts at 0:01:17

Jeremy’s cardigan is from Burly Man of Burford. Probably

Scene 3: Peace Beans

Jeremy goes over the list of top selling cars in the US…they’re all from Japan…and as it turns out Michigan likes to grow “peace beans”.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:01:56

When Jeremy says Detroit just grows sustainable organic peace beans, he’s talking about something he found on the internet called the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative which is a “nonprofit organization that seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture using  agriculture as a platform to promote education, sustainability, and community”. It has nothing to do with making cars.

Scene 4: BMW, Jag, Alfa

The boys discuss which cars they will be comparing in this weeks episode. A BMW M3, a Jaguar XES and an Alfa Romeo Giulia.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:05:59

The BMW M3 has a 3-litre, twin-turbo, straight six engine making 425 horsepower. It can go from 0-62 in 4.1 seconds and has a top speed limited to 155mph. The Jaguar XE S has a 3-litre supercharged V6 engine making 336 horsepower. It can go from 0-62 in 5.1 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155 mph.

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Scene 5: On Scene

Welcome to Wales! Jeremy stole the film crew so he could do a road test with the Alfa, leaving James and Richard stuck in Scotland with no film crew at all.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:07:02

Note to overseas viewers – Wales and Scotland are completely separated place and not at all near each other because England is in the way.

Scene 5: The Alfa!

Jeremy road test the absolutely stunning Alfa Romeo Giulia! A 4 door 500 horsepower beauty!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:07:08

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadsplitaudio has a 503 horsepower, 2.9-litre turbocharged V6 engine. It can go from 0-62 in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 191mph.

Scene 5: A Wolseley?

Jermey telling us all about this gorgeous machine but then says that it looks like a Wolseley. I can kind of see what he’s talking about but personally I think the Alfa is beautiful.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:08:41

Wolseley was a British car maker which, like many British car makers, gradually got absorbed into ever-larger conglomerates until it was phased out in 1975 to a rapturous around of disinterest. This particular model is a Wolseley 1500.

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Scene 5: Not a Ferrari

Jeremy talking more about the Guilia and how Ferrari says it has nothing to do with Ferrari….yeah I don’t buy it either Jeremy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:09:55

The Alfa Giulia’s chief engineer  is a man called Philippe Krief who worked on the Ferrari 458 and, in particular, the very excellent Speciale version.

Scene 5: Something about Panties

It’s a pretty safe bet that by now Jeremy has fallen in absolute love with this Alfa. Who can blame him?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:12:44

Sensipanties – a combination of the word ‘sensible’ and the word ‘panties’.

Scene 5: Jeremy is in Love

Jeremy has made it to the Eboladrome track. Here he puts it through many laps and falls even more in love with what the Guilia truly is, an absolutely amazing saloon.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:16:01

Jeremy says you can’t be a true petrolhead unless you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo. In the ’80s he had a GTV6. James used to have a 164. Richard has never owned an Alfa, but did once run an equally Italian Fiat Barchetta.

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Scene 7: Conversation Street!

This week on Conversation Street. Pickup trucks, an museum filled with really old American cars, (a very brief mention of an Alfa Romeo SUV) and much more!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:25:30

When Jeremy says Corvette C3s were driven by astronauts, he’s not wrong. Apollo 12 astronauts Dick Gordon, Charles Conrad, and Alan Bean had machine black and gold ‘Vettes, for example. Dirk Diggler is not an astronaut; he’s the fictional star of the 1997 movie Boogie Nights.

Scene 7: Old Record Player Smells

I did forget to mention that James also argued that there is a certain smell about an old record player. Why? Well it is James May….

General Trivia  Starts at 0:28:29

You might notice that it looks quite morning-time in Nashville during Conversation Street. That’s because after the Grand Tour tent had been put up, it was belatedly realized that after midday the sun reflected off the water outside and make the studio so blindingly bright it was impossible to shoot the show. So filming was hastily pulled forward by a few hours.

Scene 8: Welcome to Barbados!

We are now in Barbados. The boys have noticed that the ocean there is pretty much an underwater desert. The plan? Build a base for coral reef to grow on using cars.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:30:53

The first car James refers to in the coral reef film is a Peugeot 206.

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Scene 8: Let’s Begin Building

Here, they get ready to hoist the first car onto the boat to be sent out to its final resting place. Also Jeremy and Richard show us how to do a “boom out” signal.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:33:04

The first car to be loaded onto the boat is a Vauxhall Corsa. Also known as the Opel Corsa. Or the Holden Barina.

Scene 8: Try Again

After Richard ‘accidentally’ dropped the first car onto the boat, thus in return breaking the boats roof and falling into the water, they load up their second  “first” car onto their, now, roofless boat.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:35:05

The second car shell to be lifted off the dock is a Skoda Felicia.

Scene 8: The Finally Get It

After their first ship gave way to the damage and sank, also losing yet another car, the boys finally get a proper boat and get the remaining cars onto it safely. And now they are off to go place them into their spot to grow a reef.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:38:55

The cars loaded from the jetty in the marina are a Peugeot 206 and a Peugeot 306.

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Scene 8: James the Diver

James goes diving to secure the cars into place, placing is life into Jeremy’s and Richard’s hands. Yeah he’s crazy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:39:59

James really is a qualified diver. He once made a TV programme about sharks.

Scene 10: The Cars are Gone

The next day the boys decide to drop by their coral reef site to check on the cars but find out that they are not where they are supposed to be.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:48:10

Tom Daley – Medal winning British diver, specializing in the 10 metre platform discipline and literally never mistaken for Jeremy Clarkson due to age, technique and lack of fatness.

Scene 10: Attempt to Clear the Cars

Turns out the cars washed up on a beach near by. They go in to recovery mode and head off to remove them. James’ attempt fails miserably so it’s up to Jeremy to pull them back into the water.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:51:09

The Man From Atlantis – the titular star of a 1970s TV show who was blessed with incredible abilities in the water and was literally never mistaken for Richard Hammond.

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Scene 10: The Remaining Car

After losing all of their cars but the Land Rover (irony!) Jeremy has a ‘brain wave” as to how to successfully get the Land Rover out to where it needs to be.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:54:37

The answer to Richard and James’s Land Rover argument – it’s a Series II, but one built before 1969 when the headlights moved from the grille, outboard onto the wings.

Scene 10: They did it!

They are successful! They finally get the Land Rover where it needs to be and successfully sink it. Welcome to your new home little fish!

General Trivia  Starts at 0:57:59

Cod, haddock and bream are just three types of fish not found in the Caribbean.


Well there we have it! A beautiful Alfa, gorgeous exotic location to build a reef, failed attempts at building said reef and finally a very successful Land Rover sinking in the proper location to build a new home for coral and fish! Not to mention talks about the US’s independence, pickup trucks, the crowd beats up the trio and all sorts of shenanigans. Now let’s go see what we’ve learned from all this fun by taking our episode 10 quiz! Good luck!

Test your knowledge with our quiz from episode 10!
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