Greetings and hello TGT fans! Welcome to week 9! This episode is completely packed with tons of fun and excitement! The beautiful NSX, weird creations by none other than Jeremy, creating electricity in unique ways and blowing up ‘Prepper’ vehicles, plus a lot of comedy and all sorts of interesting bits provided by the boys!  So what does Amazon’s X-Ray have to teach us about this episode? Let’s take a look!

What is General Trivia and where can you find it?

For those of you who watch The Grand Tour on the television, (like myself), Xbox or other means other than computer, (or I’ve heard tablets as well), you may have missed out on Amazon’s “X-Ray.” X-Ray provides General Trivia facts about the cars, track, places, crew and all sorts of things about The Grand Tour and everything involved, so for those that missed it here is X-Ray General Trivia for Episode 9!

Scene 1: Intro


This week we are in beautiful Germany! Jeremy builds an ‘SUV sports car’…thing. Richard builds ‘Prepper’ vehicles and all three of them find ways to create energy.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:00

Jeremy Clarkson: Writer, broadcaster, Albern Mensch.

Scene 2: Intro


Looks like it’s Richard that gets the “special” name shout out this week.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:04

Richard Hammond: Writer, broadcaster, Mittelgrossen Mann.

Scene 2: Intro


In the intro we see the trio driving three absoutley gorgeous German cars. Audi, Mercedes and a Porsche. My guess, James in the Audi, Jeremy in the Mercedes and Richard in the Beetle Porsche.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:00:09

James May: Writer, broadcaster, Menschlicher Hund.

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Scene 3: Jeremy Attempts German


Well he tries and almost got it, so I give it to him. Welcome to Germany, Stuttgart to be exact.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:01:13

What Jeremy said in German at the start of the show is actually, ‘Thank you and welcome in the big tour’. Jeremy does not speak German.

Scene 5: The NSX


The original Honda (Acura) NXS. Still to this day, a very very gorgeous car and very highly sought after.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:05:22

The original Honda NSX (known in North America as the Acura NSX) was powered by a 3-litre V6 engine making 270 horsepower. It was, as any car bore will tell you, developed with the help of F1 legend Ayrton Senna. Also, in the movie Pulp Fiction, the immensely cool character Winston Woolfe had one.

Scene 5: The New NSX


This new (10 years in the making) NSX is a twin-turbo hybrid that is pure jaw-dropping beauty. But is it worth the hefty price?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:05:51

The Honda NSX has a 3.5-litre twin-turbo petrol engine plus three electric motors (one at the back, one powering each font wheel) making a total of 573 horsepower. It has four wheel drive and a 9-speed double clutch, paddle shift gearbox.

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Scene 5: NSX


General Trivia  Starts at 0:08:18

Although the Honda NSX uses full brake-by-wire, the law demands that it can default to using a conventional hydraulic back-up system if the electronics go wrong. Which they probably won’t, because it’s a Honda.

Scene 5: More on the NSX


Captain Slow testing the new NSX and so far it’s questionable as to if it’s worth the price. But here he starts to discover all the things that might make it worth it.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:08:39

Well good – British street slang meaning very, very good indeed. Used in this programme by the urban gangsta, James May.

Scene 6: Back to the Tent


Now back to the tent. And of course Jeremy’s first words after the NSX film? “Honda took 10 years to develop that car. 10 years is an ENORMOUS amount of time to do a car.” Haha oh Clarkson.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:12:06

Honda did indeed take 10 years to come up with a new NSX, but they wasted several of those years thinking it should be front-engined and V-10 powered before having a hybrid change of heart.

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Scene 7: Conversation Street


This week on Conversation Street they start off with a chat about the alarm that was going off during their stay, an alarm where the government asks people not to drive that day because of the amount of smog in the air…(it was very clear, blue skies).

General Trivia  Starts at 0:15:43

Gin clear – British expression to denote something very, very clear. Just like popular see-through drink and improver of tonic water, gin. This expression possibly originates amongst the pilots of the RAF.

Scene 8: Jeremy’s….SUV?


Jeremy’s SUV creation…thing…started life as a Land Rover Discovery.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:20:02

Jeremy’s ‘sports utility’ prototype is the second time in this series that old Land Rover Discoverys have been pillaged for their versatile separate chassis’. They were also used as the basis for the presenters’ creations in the sustainable cars film from show 4.

Scene 8: The MGD


And here it is…Jeremy’s creation. His…sports utility prototype. The MGD

General Trivia  Starts at 0:22:49

Jeremy has never explained what the D stands for in the name of his MGD ‘sports utility’ prototype. Possible answers include, ‘Discovery’, ‘Dismal’ and ‘Dear me, what’s he doing now?’

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Scene 8: A Race


To prove that his MGD is more than just an SUV, Jeremy drag races a ‘standard’ SUV.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:23:29

Jeremy’s drag race rival is a Dacia Duster 4×4 featuring a 1.5-litre, 108 horsepower diesel engine and boasting a 0-62 time of 12.4 seconds.

Scene 8: Testing


During his testing, things start to not work out so well for the MGD, including the body falling off the frame.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:25:45

Jeremy’s MGD prototype test was filmed at Hurn, in Hampshire, on the UK’s only purpose-built military vehicle proving ground. Not that this was in any way relevant.

Scene 9: Remodel


After the MGD failed miserably Jeremy turned his attention to the Mercedes SL.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:27:41

The 1971-1989 Mercedes SL (known to Merc nerds as the R107) starred not only in Dallas but also in that other ’80s TV staple, Hart To Hart.

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Scene 9: Looking for Approval


Jeremy takes his “The Excellent” to a football club to show doubting Richard and James that people will love it and want one over thier Aston’s and AMG’s.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:31:07

Chelsea are a team in the English Premier League. Jeremy supports them.

Scene 9: Auctioning The Excellent


To prove to Richard and James how excellent the ‘The Excellent” is, Jeremy puts it in auction believing he will get a couple hundred grand. Dreaming is always a good thing, right? (He only got 4 grand for it, but it didn’t meet the reserve of 100K) hahaha.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:34:02

Jeremy’s full auction catalogue description for The Excellent read as follows; Hand-crafted by a renowned British atelier, The Excellent sympathetically marries the chassis of the esteemed Land Rover Discovery in sought-after mark 1 specification to the body of a Mercedes SL of the so-called ‘Dallas’ shape, rightly regarded as an exemplar understated style. Benefitting from the revered 3.9-litre V8 engine, originally by Buick of the United States and substantially improved by the Rover company of Solihull, The Excellent boasts effortless on-road performance whilst the subtle but ingenious application of a Birmingham-engineered separate chassis and four-wheel-drive system promises enviable ability on more demanding terrain. Cosmetically, the exterior of The Excellent is in exceptional order and resplendent in a grey colour from the Mazda company of Japan. This car exudes good taste, as indeed does its creator. Conversely, the interior would benefit from some minor attention but its hard-working condition in no way compromises the great joy this very special machine brings to any right-thinking occupant. The Excellent represents a unique opportunity to acquire an exquisite piece of forward thinking design and engineering, and one that is sure to become a landmark in the evolution of the automobile.

Scene 10: Celebrity Braincrash!


On this weeks Celebrity Braincrash, Nena! I personally don’t have a clue who she is. Unfortunately she is carried away by ’99 Red Balloons and won’t be coming in.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:37:45

Nena was born in Hagen, Germany in 1960. She had a worldwide hit with 99 Red Balloons (originally, 99 Luftballons) in 1984.

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Scene 11: Creating Electricity


The boys are on a quest to harvest energy from everyday activities.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:40:37

The Border Collie in the making electricity film is Richard’s actual dog.

Scene 12: James at the Gym


James attempts to collect electricity from all the people working out at this gym. He’s hoping to get enough to power his Gwiz

General Trivia  Starts at 0:44:40

The production team had to find the location for exercise-based electricity generation. James May is not actually a member of a gym. This may come as a shock to some viewers.

Scene 12: Prepper Vehicles


Richard teaches us about ‘Preppers’ and what their vehicles are for. He goes on to create a few of his own.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:48:18

Preppers are so-called because they’re ‘preparing’ for some sort of apocalypse.

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Scene 12: The VW Bug-out Rig


Here is Richard’s first attempt at making a ‘Prepper’ or bug-out vehicle. Not bad honestly. Well until James blows it up.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:49:16

‘Bug-out’ is a military term describing the tactic of soldiers rapidly dispersing in multiple  directions like uncovered insects to ensure their own survival in the event of a sudden, close enemy attack.

Scene 13: Blowin’ Up


Richard up’d the armor on his bug-out vehicle so of course Jeremy and James up their fire power.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:54:19

James’s FV107 Scimitar is powered by a 5.9-litre six cylinder diesel engine making 190 horsepower. It has a top speed of 50mph.

Scene 13: Heads Up Richard


James and Jeremy bring in the heavy machines to take care of Richards bug-out vehicle. Will it survive? No…no it doesn’t

General Trivia  Starts at 0:54:56

Jeremy’s FV4034 Challenger 2 main battle tank is powered by a 24-litre V12 diesel engine making 1200 horsepower. It has a top speed of 37mph.

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Scene 13: Even More Armor


Here is Richard’s answer to Jeremy and James’ obsession for blowing up his bug-out vehicles. An incredible amphibious machine. It was once used in the military so it has to work, right?

General Trivia  Starts at 0:57:35

The Alvis Stalwart is a multi-purpose amphibious truck used by the British military from the mid-1960s until the 1980s. It has a 6.5-litre straight eight petrol engine producing 220 horsepower. It can travel at 40mph on a road or at 7mph across water.

Scene 13: Ending Richard’s Bug-out Vehicles…


Well, here it is, Jeremy and James’ way of destroying Richards heavily armored bug-out vehicle. Game over Richard. James and Jeremy 3, Richard 0.

General Trivia  Starts at 0:58:48

The ship in the bug-out film is HMS Richmond, a Royal Navy Type 23 frigate.


There you have it. Episode 9 in the bag and what a show it was! Not only was it entertaining but I now know I can charge my phone just by walking my dog! ……hmmm I don’t know about that, but I DO know that with each passing episode it gets better and better. So let’s take what we’ve learned from X-Ray and go test it on our quiz. Good luck and see you next week! Ciao

Test Your Knowledge with our Episode 9 Quiz!


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