Ever since we went out to the taping in California, we saw the cast and crew wearing some pretty cool gear. Fans were pleading with the crew to buy the gear, but those dutiful and dedicated workers held steadfast, probably knowing that the gear is going to be worth a bunch on ebay one day.

Well, the wait is finally over and we have Richard Hammond to thank for letting us in on the reveal. The team over at W. Chumps and Son all got their gear and the jealously level is on overdrive right now. Check out the tweet right here:

Here are all the apparel we could find for now. Click on the image to go get your gear!


Now, if you’re looking for some fun gear, we have been creating some fun shirts of our own, so click on the image below here to get your GTN apparel now.


Let us know which ones are your favorite so far.


4 Responses

  1. Casey E

    Any chance of W. Chump and Son shirts or other merchandise coming?

  2. Josh Gregoire

    Holy Hell! What is with the $20 dollars shipping charge on the official apparel?!? I’d like a few things, but not for those shipping rates.

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